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Coal Tar Sealing

Coal Tar Sealing to Protect Your Investment

Count on Parklot Maintenance for residential and commercial coal tar seal coating services. Our coal tar is most commonly applied by hand and gives a flat black finish. Coal tar preserves the elastic and adhesive characteristics of your asphalt, which can help repel the main factors of asphalt damage and deterioration from soaking into the pavement; these main factors are the sun’s rays, water, gas, oil, diesel, grease and even anti-freeze.

Coal tar sealing can also help facilitate snow removal and makes regular maintenance easier at your property. For more information on coal tar sealing in and around Southern Ontario, contact Parklot Maintenance now.

Learning More about Coal Tar Asphalt Sealing

Coal tar asphalt sealer is the most commonly used product across the United States and Canada when it comes to protecting asphalt. Its popularity is due to coal tar’s superior protective characteristics and the longevity or life of the product vs other sealing products that don’t come close to comparing.

The asphalt deterioration process begins the day your new asphalt is laid. Sunlight heats and oxidizes the asphalt, burning off the essential elements that hold the asphalt together, turning it gray and brittle, resulting in cracking and deterioration. Coal tar prevents this from happening by preserving the elastic and adhesive characteristics of the asphalt. By using coal tar to protect your asphalt, you are sealing out the water and the oxidizing effects of the sun while simultaneously protecting from damages caused by petroleum by-products left by our vehicles, such as oils and gas.

Coal tar seal coatings help protect your investment while offering maximum curb appeal. It can also make snow removal and melting easier throughout the winter months.

The quality of our coal tar sealer is second to none and is mixed to manufacturer’s specifications. Most jobs are applied by hand using brushes. Our decades of experience and our techniques to applying coal tar sealer will leave you with a flawless, even finish.

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