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Power Sweeping / Power Washing

Reliable Power Sweeping & Power Washing at Your Property

Power Sweeping

Where We Sweep

We power sweep underground, above ground, indoor and outdoor parking lots. We also provide factory and warehouse surface cleaning.


Power sweeping is a very important part and is often overlooked when it comes to the regular maintenance of your property and parking surfaces.

How We Do It

Power sweeping consists of the cleaning and removal of all dirt dust and debris throughout your parking lot, sidewalks, parking lot entrances and building entrances to your place of business. Weeds are also trimmed from curb lines, building and structures to ensure a clean, finished appearance.

Our power sweeping machines in combination with our highly skilled operators can sweep in the tightest of areas. In areas that can’t be swept, hand tools and power blowers are used to ensure your lot is spotless before we leave.

Why We Do It…Some Positives

Power sweeping helps significantly reduce the amount of pollutants that enter our water drainage systems every year.

Power sweeping extends the life of your parking surface, as well as the pavement markings throughout your parking lot.

Power sweeping keeps your business looking its best; it provides curb appeal and looks inviting to potential customers and current clientele.

Power sweeping keeps our lots safe, clean and clear from all debris that could create slip and trip hazards.

Power Sweeping Schedules: When We Most Commonly Conduct Power Sweeping

Various power sweeping schedules can be arranged from annually, semi-annually, monthly, bi-weekly and weekly, depending on your needs and what’s right for your particular situation.

Power sweeping is most often conducted before or after business hours for our commercial clients and usually anytime for our industrial clientele. Every job is unique and we are experienced in scheduling around your business’s operating hours, with little to no inconvenience to your business.

Power Washing

Advantages of Power Washing

We offer hot and cold water power washing and surface cleaning services across the region.

Power washing is extremely important for our clients who have concrete parking facilities, sidewalks, walkways and entryways.

Power washing concrete parking facilities helps remove harmful elements like salt, carbon, rubber, petroleum products as well as oils and gas. Over time, some of these elements can attack and deteriorate the structural integrity of your parking facility. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to help eliminate high replacement costs or structural repairs in the future.

Your clients and customers will see your parking facility, sidewalks and entranceways before entering your place of business. Having a clean, safe, well-lit parking garage as well as sidewalks free of gum and stains will ensure a good first impression and continued business while protecting your investment.


For more information on power sweeping and power washing across Hamilton, Burlington, and Southern Ontario, contact Parklot Maintenance now.

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