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Asphalt Cut & Patch/Crack Filling

Asphalt Cut & Patch and Improvements

Our asphalt cut and patch repairs and improvements division specializes in replacing asphalt that wasn’t protected and has been damaged from the elements. We also specialize in making changes or improvements to parking lots and facilities.

It’s important that your parking lot has proper water flow and drainage as the most common areas where repairs need to be made are at catch basins. This is where the water is being directed, and over time the water finds its way down the seam where the asphalt meets the steel catch basin frame or where water has been sitting and has been allowed to cause damage. During the patch process, coatless or tack coat is applied to ensure the asphalt bonds between layers and also to the existing asphalt surrounding the patch. After the patch is completed, we fill the seams with hot rubber to ensure water stays out and we prevent recurring damages in these troubled areas.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling and Seam Repair

Asphalt crack filling repairs should be a part of your yearly lot maintenance plan. Taking care of any cracks that may arise after the winter every year is manageable compared to filling cracks every five years. Neglecting your cracks for a long period of time will result in the life expectancy of your lot to drop dramatically, costing you more in the long run by having to cut and patch areas; or even worse, having to replace your entire parking lot. Hot rubber crack filling prevents water from penetrating the cracks and causing base or sub grade damage by washing out the base/stone underneath the asphalt, creating a void that later causes asphalt sinking, dipping, cracking, pot holes and loose asphalt. This can pose trip and fall hazards, water pooling and icy surfaces in the winter months.

Hot rubber crack filling also prevents costly damages that grow with each freezing and thawing cycle. For all of these reasons, hot rubber crack filling is #1 in our book when it comes to preventative maintenance.

Contact Parklot Maintenance now to learn more about our asphalt cut & patch services and crack filling for Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding area.

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