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Line Painting

Paint Markings, Stenciling, and Line Painting for Hamilton, Burlington and Surrounding Areas

Pavement markings provide pedestrians and motorists with information and guidance needed for order and organization in your parking lot. They create a safe environment for all patrons and motorists visiting your business and parking lot facility.

Pavement markings are a key factor when it comes to parking efficiency. Parklot Maintenance makes sure to utilize the parking surface to maximize the number of parking spaces we can provide to your customers, employees and clientele.

Direct Smoother Traffic Flow with Stenciling

At Parklot Maintenance, we use a large variety of regulation industry standard stencils that can help direct patrons and motorists through your parking lot, providing knowledge of proper traffic flow, where to park and where not to park.

A smooth operating and well-thought out parking lot with bright fresh line and symbols will help ensure customers’ satisfaction from the time they enter to the time they leave.

To discuss your property and its line painting needs, speak to our team of professionals today. Contact Parklot Maintenance for more information on our array of line painting, marking and stenciling services.

Tips Before Painting

The surface must be clean and clear of all dirt, dust and debris before paint is applied to any surface, this is no different when it comes to parking surfaces.

Along with the dirt and debris we see along the curb lines and throughout our lots, there is also fine dust and grit that sits in the pores of the asphalt. To ensure the longevity of the paint and proper bonding, the surface must be properly cleaned with a power sweeper and in some cases, a power washer.

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Client Review

“Thanks, my site super says the lot looks really good, here is the comment below:

‘Looked real good Richard. To be 100% honest it far surpassed whoever painted last time. I even overheard customers commenting on how good it looked.’”

Richard H. and Jonathan D.

The Laurier Group

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